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Premier portail de collaboration entre startups, grandes entreprises et partenaires innovants. Forinov associe des espaces collaboratifs avec l’externe et une suite de solutions participatives pour décider en interne afin de :
1. Connecter les écosystèmes d’acteurs innovants sur une même plateforme
2. Centraliser et fluidifier les échanges avec les partenaires externes
3. Favoriser le partage de l’information, l’engagement des collaborateurs et la prise de décision en interne.


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Attractiveness Barometer 2019 Startups x Corporatesterminé Public

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Forinov, the B2B marketplace platform gathering key innovation players, launches in partnership with Compagnum, the consulting firm for startups, its Startups x Corporates 2019 Attractiveness Barometer !

This barometer, designed for Startups collaborating with Corporates (direct sales, co-development, equity investment, incubation, etc.), seeks to identify best practices that really make a collaboration successful.
In the meantime, we are conducting interviews with Corporates' Innovation Managers to understand the virtuous mechanisms and difficulties they encounter when working with startups.
Each "Startup Friendly practice" will then be listed in a Guide, accessible to all stakeholders in the Innovation ecosystem.

By filling out the questionnaire, you benefit from:
-> The possibility of adding your logo to the Guide and gain visibility
-> An invitation to the Awards Ceremony, on March 10th, gathering several Innovation Directors from various Corporates seeking for Innovative Startups to work with!

Very short, the questionnaire lasts 4 minutes. The answers to the questionnaire are anonymous.


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