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Paris, France

DreamQuark develops Brain, an Artificial Intelligence platform dedicated to business users and Citizen Data Scientists in banks & insurance. Brain delivers explainable predictions for better business decisions and is in production at BNP Paribas, Groupama GAN and AG2R LA MONDIALE, Royal Bank of Scotland NATWEST, La Vaudoise to name a few.

Building and deploying business-centric and industrial AI applications requires unique data science skills, deep business knowledge and IT expertise altogether. To remove these barriers, Brain has been developed to automate data science tasks and simplify predictive models industrialization. Within few clicks, business users can create powerful AI based business application which can be easily deployed in any existing IT system through APIs.

Brain leverages patented Deep Learning and advanced algorithms, which benefit from years of in-house research and development. The platform provides users with explanations for every single prediction the platform generates, empowering business users to keep full control of the technology, validate business sense and comply with regulations & ethical standards.



François De Lescure

Chief Sales & Marketing Officer

Sébastien Fontaine

Key Account Management

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