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Capital Quant Agency


Casablanca, Maroc

[ WealthTech Company of the Year - Africa (Fintech Award 2022) ]

Capital Quant Agency is a leading Financial Markets Technologies. We provide complete ranges of trading decision-making SaaS adapted to the needs of our clients.
Around the world, Financial and Capital Markets are becoming increasingly challenging, especially for financial institutions, trading rooms and institutional investors.
Our software will help our clients to evaluate investment opportunities, optimize portfolios, and mitigate risks.



Quant R&D


Quantitative Finance


Reda Hachimy

Mr. Reda HACHIMY CEO/Founder of Capital Quant Agency an innovative FinTech specialized in Quant financial markets modeling and technologies. A proven toolbox in an international environment with techniques and innovative solutions. Its ambition is to democratize its innovative FinTech solutions for financial institutions but also to support trading rooms and equip them with cutting-edge technologies.
Technological and innovative financial solutions that Capital Quant Agency offers would be a real leverage especially for market finance institutions.
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