Artificial Intelligence

France, Paris

We automate the processing of your documents.

After more than a year of R&D in Artificial Intelligence, our computer vision and NLP algorithms allow you to harness the potential of the data you collect, by automating a large number of manual, time-consuming and boring tasks.

We make our technologies available through APIs tailored to meet your needs, in just a few days. Our recurring use cases are:
- management of accounting and financial documents -> expense reports, invoices, quotes, financial statements
- management of administrative documents -> identity documents, supporting documents, letters, forms
- management of contractual documents -> commercial, legal, juridical contracts

Whatever the typology of your documents, we help you reduce the costs of your operations and develop intelligent functionalities for your applications through: information retrieval, classification, localization of areas of interest, objects detection, multi-criteria tagging, clipping etc.

For any information: [email protected] / +33 (0) 1 72 60 50 92

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