L’annuaire des startups “BioTech” sur Forinov




Coraliotech is a marine biotechnology company founded in 2018 and based in Monaco. Our activity is dedicated to the discovery, the production and the valorisation of promising marine molecules from coral organisms.

Compared to many other species, the corals are still under-studied organisms and should represent a prodigious source of active natural substances with potential applications in the fields of human well-being and health. Unfortunately, since many decades, coral populations are faded and degraded by climate change, pollution and excessive human activities.

CORALIOTECH implements an ecological technology of production, and propose products belonging to the family of proteins and peptides. Based on genetic engineering and biotechnologies, CORALIOTECH uses the coral genetic information provided by its scientific partners (such as the Centre Scientifique de Monaco) to clone genes of interest that then follow an artificial in vitro process of production and purification. Our technology does not require the use or exploitation of the coral itself. In addition to guaranteeing the preservation of natural ecosystems, our core activity also has the advantage of being clean (waste of essentially biological nature), safe (fully automated processes) and scalable (possibility for a rapid rise towards industrial productions).

Coraliotech also aims to valorise marine resources by patenting promising molecules effects such as those having anticancer properties, regenerative potential or dermatologic protection.

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